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CHASS Facilities

CHASS Facilities Management provides the following services:

  • Event Support:
    CFM provides event management support and coordinate meeting, conference, performance, lecture and screening events. Our office can provide on site event assistance (as needed at a cost). We can provide ushers, room attendants, ticket takers, audio visual technicians.
  • Academic Support:
    CFM will provide audio visual support and set-up assistance to designated CHASS classrooms. We assist with audio visual installation design. CFM can also provide troubleshooting of existing audio visual systems.
  • Access Control:
    CHASS Facilities Management can assist with key management and access card implementation.
  • Safety:
    CFM oversees the safety for CHASS.  CFM coordinates with UCR EH&S, UCPD and Physical Plant to define a cohesive safety structure.
  • Facility Maintenance and Project Management:
    CFM can provide support for facilities alterations. CHASS Facilities Management will assist with coordination of scheduling of work, budget controls, and Physical Plant/contractor interaction. CFM can also assist with coordination of scheduled maintenance.
  • Space Management:
    CHASS Facilities Management will assist with department relocations. CFM provides assistance with space reporting (UCR FMS) and acquisition of space.