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Event Planning and Reservations

Welcome to the CHASS Event Planning Site!

While planning events can seem a difficult task, the staff at CHASS Facilities Management is here to help!  Our team of event professionals can guide you from the initial concept all the way though the event conclusion.  Here are some things to consider when thinking about organizing an event.

Advance Planning. All events become successful because of good advance planning. The earlier the discussion starts, the more time we have to design an effective strategic plan. Ample time is required to arrange staffing, catering, performers, speakers and get the word out to your attendees.

Attendance. How many people do you anticipate will attend the event? Is the event open to the public or is it restricted to registered guests?  Ways to control your attendance include RSVP lists which can be set-up online or provide a ticketing solution such as Ticketmaster.

Rooms. We have numerous spaces available in many configurations. When needed, we can assist in identifying alternative campus spaces that might work well for your event. From 5 to 500 attendees, we can provide guidance picking spaces that ensure a successful event.

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Guest Wireless Accounts. Will your attendees or guest speakers require access the UCR network?  Guest wireless accounts are easy to obtain, but should be arranged in advance.  Your administrative staff can assist with gathering guest wireless accounts.

Parking. Do you anticipate attendees coming from off campus or need directional signs?  You can contact UCR TAPS, www.parking.ucr.edu and click on Event Parking.

Catering. There are several catering options available for your event.  From simple coffee, tea and soft drinks to full meals, afternoon snacks and breakfast service.  Options include UCR Campus Catering (http://www.dining.ucr.edu/Catering/Pages/CitrusGroveCatering.aspx) who can customize food for your event. There are numerous off campus catering options (http://purchasing.ucr.edu/purchasing/caterers.html) as well.  Contact your administrative unit or us at CFM for assistance.

Safety. When coordinating an event, overall safety is an important consideration.  Room capacity and fire codes are strictly enforced, however the event staff at CFM can assist with identifying the correct room size and configuration. Our staff can work with you to find avenues that will ensure a safe event.

Technical Needs. Our trained events staff can assist with your audio-visual, lighting, and staging requirements. Advance planning for the technological needs of your event is key to providing a seamless technical support. Our goal is to be there with the correct equipment and knowledge for your speakers and performers so we can assist with their needs.

Alcohol Permits. All events serving or selling alcohol on campus should contact UCR Risk Management.  Here is the link for the permit: http://risk.ucr.edu/events/alcohol.html