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Rooms » Facility Name: ARTS 136 - Music Classroom

Arts 136 Arts 136 Arts 136
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Details: This classroom is used by the UCR Music Department only.

Maximum Capacity: 30

Minimum Reservation Length: 30 minutes

Usage Agreement: 
UCR CHASS Facilities Management
Facility Use

Rental Policy:

  1. Event requests should be submitted as early as feasible to ensure enough time to coordinate the event. 
  2. Rehearsal requests should be submitted seven business days in advance to ensure we can provide adequate support.
  3. Space is allocated on a first come-first served basis.  Please contact CFM events staff to investigate alternative spaces if the space you want to use isn't available.
  4. Changes or alterations of the event needs should be submitted via email as soon as possible.  CFM staff will assist with changes to the best of our ability.
  5. All events must be officially associated with CHASS and its academic mission.
  6. CFM can staff the event as deemed necessary.  All labor costs are the responsibility of the space user and/or the representing department and an estimate can be provided. 

A Few Notes:

  1. Food and beverage is generally not allowed inside due to the nature of the venue, with the exception of bottled water, in any space unless approved by CFM staff.  Provisions can be made for food outside the venue. Please discuss potential food requirements with CFM staff and we will assist.
  2. As a level of support, all equipment in performing spaces is operated by trained CFM staff to ensure a professional event.
  3. In order to keep our space in great working order, please discuss the use of tape, nails, screws with CFM staff who will be able to assist.
  4. Per Campus Fire Code, aisles, hallways, etc. should be kept clear.  CFM staff can assist with any questions or configurations.